Aries New Moon Ritual

The New Moon this week ushers in a new astrological cycle in the fiery sign of Aries. Expect to feel a surge of passionate energy firing up from deep within you as you identify the goals you wish to accomplish and navigate the paths you wish to pursue. In essence, Aries is fresh potential, ready to take form. Its promise of new possibilities is exciting and helps to push us to re-examine our true purpose in this lifetime. During this time, use the driving force of Aries to be brave, bold and ambitious, and you will be abundantly rewarded for your pursuits. Do remember to take some time to go inwards, to ground yourself and meditate upon the right course of action, instead of being swept away by an explosive burst of energy. 

Aries season influences us to begin something new - be it a new project, or a new version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be. Aries grants us courage, determination and passion to be harnessed into new beginnings. When mismanaged, this energy can cause frustration, argumentative behaviour and anxiety. Remember that friction and pitfalls are natural elements to any endeavour, so be careful to go slow when creating new energy in your life, or risk destroying potential learning opportunities. Some things are best left unforced and allowed to unfold at their own pace. 

Aries is symbolised by the ram, an animal that is known for its strength, but also for its grace. These creatures are known to live in the Rocky Mountain region, balancing on boulders and treacherous rocks with their hooves. This Aries season, ask yourself, what mountain are you here to climb? But most importantly, what mountain would you like to climb if you had no fear? The ram acts on primal instinct, and in channeling the animal, we similarly should learn to cultivate our intuition to guide us on our true path. In nurturing our intuition, the first step would be to trust ourselves and remove the fear of imbalance. Instead, learn to keep moving forward until you find a place of equilibrium and stable ground. It is important to always return to the self to find this equilibrium, and there’s no better way to do it than with a New Moon Ritual at House of Ascend. 

Our New Moon Ritual this week will focus on manifesting new potentialities that you would like to invite into your life. We will learn to harness our inner fire to go in the direction of our desires. We will also be working with Bloodstone and its grounding yet energising influence. 

Bloodstone (also known as Heliotrope) is a powerful healing stone that clears energy blockages from the aura and promotes physical strength and endurance. The most widely known legend of this stone comes from the crucification of Jesus Christ, when his blood fell into the dark green earth and turned to stone. Bloodstone today is regarded as a stone of noble sacrifice, and can offer solace and comfort to those who are called to give themselves for the good of others. However, its use for healing and connection to blood and detoxification of the organs dates back to Mesopotamia, where it was placed on the body to aid blood circulation, stop the flow of blood and cure any injuries. As a talisman, the Bloodstone’s energies are protective and nurturing, with the ability to direct spiritual energies to banish negativity and evil. You may get Bloodstone from the following stores:

Full Circle 

545 Orchard Road #16-04 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882


Harmony Gems & Crystals

102F Pasir Panjang Road, Citilink 

Warehouse complex #01-05 

Singapore 118530 


Qi New Age & Healing 

42 Kandahar street

Singapore 198896


As usual, if you are booked in, please remember to come early for New Moon Ritual, so you will have sufficient time for your cleansing ritual and to mentally arrive on the mats. You may also want to bring a journal to record your experiences after the meditation!