Week 9 - 963Hz - Pineal Gland Activation

Over the course of the past 9 weeks, we have worked with some very special frequencies at HOA. From pain relief to body rejuvenation, releasing negative energy to awakening our intuition - each Solfeggio frequency addresses a different vital aspect of our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing. We know that all forms of matter vibrate in different frequencies, and to heal with sound is to merely tune the dissonance in our bodies to an optimal frequency. By incorporating these frequencies in our daily self-care practice, we can further raise our vibration to align ourselves with our higher purpose. 

On the final week (May 27th - June 2nd) of our sound-based syllabus, we will work with 963Hz, a frequency that aligns with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small pine-cone shaped gland located in the cerebral cortex, where the two hemispheres of the brain connect to the spine. This is the part of the brain that regulates our consciousness and interprets the body’s sensory and motor functions. The pineal gland also secretes melatonin, which regulates our sleep and wake cycles. It is known as an anti-aging and anti-stress agent because it both suppresses cortisol and is a powerful anti-oxidant. When melatonin levels are disrupted, we may experience mood-swings, depression and seasonal disorders. In terms of a spiritual experience, melatonin quiets the body and mind, allowing access to a higher consciousness. According to ancient wisdom traditions, the pineal gland is also called the inner eye, and is associated with visionary, psychic and spiritual phenomena and experiences. 

Our pineal gland, just like an other part of the body, may experience blockage, which is in this case is called “decalcification”. This may be caused by poor diet, exposure to environmental toxins, stress and anxiety, and electromagnetic fields released by mobile phones and other wireless devices. The pineal gland is especially sensitive to fluoride, which unfortunately is commonly found in toothpaste and in Singapore is deliberately added to our tap water. There are many reasons why the dominator culture may want to suppress our pineal glands and limit the expansion of our consciousness. An awakened population may rise up and overturn the power dynamics in society. It is truly a shame that many of us in the modern world have become disconnected with the pineal gland, causing it to shrink. Indian masters of the Vedic times were believed to have a pineal gland the size of a lemon. Today our pineal gland is the size of a small pea. 

The goal of decalcifying the pineal gland is so we can awaken our inner eye and raise our consciousness. We can do so by meditating on the pineal gland with 963Hz. As always, remember to put on some headphones! 

On our final week, we speak to HOA co-creator and facilitator Suraya, on how she incorporates 963Hz in her daily practice to detoxify and activate the pineal gland. Read her practice below! 

“I practice quantum pause breath-work daily as I believe it is essential. The breath is an important way to bring me into self-awareness. I am able to sense and begin to re-experience this infinite being that I AM. It’s really just a way to shift attention to the core of the SELF. The purpose of quantum pause is not to leave the body or have a “spiritual” experience or conjure any “positive” experience upon completion. It is purposely not of that realm. It is not designed to create an experience for my mind or provide visualisations of another world. If I see, sense or feel anything that is unrelated to my purpose, gently, but firmly, I'll let it pass. Unlike meditation, quantum pause is not related to specific postures. I can practice it lying down when I wake up or go to bed. I can be standing up or sitting down. There is just no posture requirement. Quantum pause is not meditation for the human instrument or body however, it is a behavioural exercise to reveal the state of ONE consciousness. Now let's practice it together this week with 963Hz shall we?” - Suraya Sam

Activate your pineal gland with 963Hz, meditation and a blindfolded practice this week at HOA! Book your mats today!