Week 8 - 852Hz - Awakening Intuition

We have now completed 8 weeks of sound therapy on our frequency-based syllabus at HOA, using the Solfeggio scale to address vital aspects of the body, mind and spirit. We have learnt to integrate the Solfeggio frequencies with our daily self-care practice to facilitate physical healing, remove negativity, release mental blockages, radiate love and positivity, and restore balance into our bodies. Last week, we used 741Hz to raise our vibration by detoxing our aura of stale or stuck energy that may have latched onto us. You may revisit 741Hz here.

In the wise words of Albert Einstein, “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” This week’s (May 20th - 26th) Solfeggio frequency, when meditated upon, can influence our mental faculties by awakening our intuition. 852Hz corresponds to our inner eye and is linked to our ability to see through the illusions of our world - such as the hidden agendas of people, places, ideologies and constructs. By raising our awareness, we become more conscious of the ways we have been kept sedate by the dominator culture. Slowly we recognise patterns that have been ingrained within us by society, and we see the flaws of all our previous belief systems. We begin to shed parts of ourselves that no longer hold meaningful value, and with diligent practice and the help of 852Hz, we can lead lives that are in alignment with our higher purpose. 

Stimulating the inner eye via sound therapy can also develop our connection with the realms of the Self. When the inner eye is balanced, we are able to trust ourselves completely based on information perceived not only from our 5 physical senses but also our metaphysical or psychic abilities. We become more sensitive and feel the full spectrum of what life has to offer - which is not only limited to our material plane. 

This week at HOA, we welcome back our signature blindfolded session in a special edition practice of Gong Yang. Gong Yang is an active yoga practice that emphasises on moving energy through the body with dynamic movement and control of the breath. This session is augmented with the gong, to unblock stuck energy in the body. On May 21st and 28th, participants of this practice will be encouraged to wear a blindfold throughout the duration of the 90 minutes. This practice can greatly help to develop our intuitive and/or psychic abilities! 

Meditate upon your inner eye with this sample of 852Hz. Do put on some headphones for optimal results! 

This week, we speak to the very intuitive Suraya Sam, HOA co-creator and facilitator, on how she develops her inner eye with meditation and the vibrational frequency of 852Hz: 

"Remember we are all spiritual beings in a Human form. To awaken the inner eye, I believe the practice to be the observant self is key. I am my witness! I'll hold space for myself by creating a time and space to simply watch sensations within, letting them pass instead of reacting to them. This non-reaction is the heart of mindfulness meditation, which starts by observing the feelings that exist in each area of my body. Through placing my awareness methodically on each part of my body, I am holding space for sensations, and emotions, to be felt, seen and released. The purpose of this meditation is to train, connect and strengthen my conscious and subconscious mind to not react to events internally or externally, but merely observe them. True observation is an Art form and one that needs time, commitment and understanding. I practice this meditation daily at least 60 minutes with 852Hz. Come try at least 10 minutes to start and lengthen the duration as you grow..." - Suraya Sam