Week 6 - 639Hz - Love & Connection

We have just completed a transformational week with 528Hz, which helps us tap into the miracles within us. This frequency can connect us with our spiritual essence, with our creative energy and can empower us to take charge of our own destiny. With the right vibration, we can truly transform ourselves beyond the limits of our current sphere of existence. If you missed out on the transformative potential of 528Hz, read last week’s blog here.

This week (May 6th - 12th) at HOA, we move up the Solfeggio scale to work with a frequency that further nourishes our etheric body. 639Hz corresponds to our heart center and can be used to fill our heart with love and positive energy. This frequency, when used in meditation, can transform the most of anxious of hearts into compassionate, loving ones. When our hearts are filled with love and compassion for ourselves and others, we are able to create more harmonious interpersonal relationships. As such, this special tone may be used where there is tension in any relationship. We may choose to play this frequency during family gatherings to enhance communication, understanding, tolerance and love, or to prevent an unpleasant or problematic situation from arising. This soothing tone will ease everyone in a placid and loving mood! 

Let the soothing tones of 639Hz fill you with love right here. As always, listening with headphones will give you the best experience. 

Love is a very powerful vibration. All things are possible when the heart is open. This week, HOA content creator Izzy returns to share her experiences with 639Hz. 

“As a creative person, I can be very hard on myself when I’m creating something, be it my writing or my art. I find that listening to 639Hz helps me to be more gentle towards myself during my process. I let the soothing tones of 639Hz relax my mind, instead of letting it be overrun with judgemental thoughts towards my work. Channeling creative energy into a personal project can also be a form of meditation or self-care. After all, we are nurturing our abilities and nourishing our soul with creative expression. When I listen to 639Hz, I find myself more present as the work develops, witnessing the process as it unfolds on its own rather than rushing to get to a completed stage. This is also a good metaphor for our personal growth. Often we find ourselves not nearly where we want to be, but it’s important to enjoy the journey and give ourselves some love anyway!” - Izzy Liyana