5-Week Syllabus: Unlock your Vitality, Endocrine Rebalance

Our ethos

At HOA, we aim to facilitate your holistic healing through balancing your inner world. We can only achieve this state of harmony when our mental, physical and spiritual bodies are aligned.

The practice of aligning them involves bringing our awareness to the present moment, moving from a mind-centered state into a soul-centered one.

This happens when we create space. Space to observe what arises without judgement, meeting our thoughts and emotions with compassion and self-acceptance. A deeply internally healing journey that leads us home to our authentic selves.

Endocrine System Alchemy

Our 5-week Unlock Your Vitality, Endocrine Rebalance syllabus is the optimal practice for this spiritual odyssey.

Yogi Bhajan, a Master Kundalini Yoga teacher, referred to the endocrine glands as the “guardians of our health.” But the glands are also the keepers of our vitality, youth, beauty, healing, intuition and ability to ascend.

The endocrine system consists of glands that release chemical messengers, known as hormones, into the bloodstream that maintain and regulate the body’s functions.

Hormones are involved in critical processes such as metabolism, immunity, homeostasis, reproduction, growth and vitality. They effect changes in our body, emotions, cognition and energy levels. Whether we feel relaxed or stressed, sad or joyful, well rested or exhausted, hormones play a significant role.

The endocrine glands perform a vital function in our spiritual experiences too. They allow us to trust and bond with others, strengthen our intuition, meditate deeply and access higher states of consciousness.

In Ancient Egypt, the glands were considered the main energy centres, or chakras, of the body. The Ancient Egyptians understood the holistic functioning of the glands and their integral role in spiritual enlightenment, better than any other culture to date.

But there is a darker side to the glands as well, they are the keepers of denser, lower vibrational emotions and memories. Childhood and relationship trauma, addictions and self-destructive tendencies are stored there. As well as any dissonance in the body that may be holding us back from being our truest, most authentic selves.

As the glands operate on a rhythmic energetic frequency, we can quite literally tune into them, utilising vibrational sound for a hard reset.

Unlock Your Vitality, Endocrine Rebalance contains five weekly meditations designed to bring you to a state of vibrational harmony. Because when your endocrine system is balanced, you are balanced. You will simply feel your best.

Each week, we will move through your endocrine system using breath-work, postures, aromatherapy and vibrational sound healing frequencies.

The crystal singing bowls and gongs – each one tuned to a specific endocrine gland, will locate any gland that is out of rhythm, cleansing, clearing and moving energy through the body to achieve homeostasis. This empowers you to access a deep state of healing. It’s time to Unlock Your Vitality.

Our new syllabus begins on Thursday September 19th. Reserve your spot today!

Week 1: September 19th

Adrenal Glands, Stress Reset

Week 2: September 26th

Reproductive Glands, Creative Flow

Week 3: October 3rd

Thymus Gland, Immunity + Energetic Heart Connection

Week 4: October 10th

Thyroid Gland, Metabolic + Emotional Rebalancing

Week 5: October 17th

Pineal & Pituitary Glands, Awaken Intuition + Unlock Potential

About the Facilitator

Christina Michele Rios is a certified Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Intuitive Healing and Reiki Level 2 practitioner and facilitator.

She has worked as a Writer, Brand and Content Strategist for the past 10 years across three continents, in USA, Europe and Asia. In early 2019, she left the corporate world and made a full-time commitment to her life path and soul purpose as a Healer.

An avid supporter of Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine, she maintains the belief that the body can heal itself with the right circumstances, utilising a wellness-based model that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Currently, she is enrolled at Quantum University studying to become a Holistic Health Science practitioner.

She strives to provide safe spaces for discovery of authentic self. Her work guides us to observe within, release, transform and expand, healing the relationship with self. She aims to empower everyone to be their own healer.

She draws inspiration and knowledge from her mentors including: Suraya Sam of House of Ascend, Alex Young of Crystal Tones, Dani Van de Velde of The Meditation Teacher, Guru Jagat of RAMA, Saraleia Betty and Yantara Jiro of Sound Universe.

Written by Christina Michele Rios, Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls facilitator for HOA