Week 4 - 417Hz - Releasing Negative Energy

We have now arrived at the 4th Week of our sound-based syllabus at House of Ascend, utilising sound as a scared tool for healing. Each week at HOA, we work with a different frequency on the Solfeggio scale, which each corresponds to a specific purpose in keeping our mind, body and spirit in harmony. These frequencies interact with our subtle energies and tune the dissonance in our bodies to an optimal state necessary for us to feel balanced and healthy. In the previous week, we learnt how to use 396Hz in meditation to release fear, guilt, worry and anxiety with a helpful visualisation technique. If you missed it, you can quickly catch up here.

This week (April 22nd - 28th), we move up the Solfeggio scale to 417Hz, a powerful tone that clears negative energy from our body and from our physical space. We can use this frequency in meditation to remove emotional blockages, negative thoughts and behavioural patterns that are inhibiting us from reaching our higher purpose. 417Hz is known for its transmutative abilities as it can bring change or facilitate the start of new beginnings, and can even undo situations that may originally have resulted in a negative outcome.

Before the week begins, have a listen to a sample of 417Hz right here. Do remember to listen with headphones for better sound quality! 

Removing negative energy from our lives requires a sustained practice. 417Hz provides us a conducive ambience to do the necessary work, but we have to fully commit to the journey, and practice the rituals that pave our way to healing. This week, HOA co-creator and facilitator Suraya tells us about her daily practice with 417Hz:

"Releasing negative energy is part of my daily rituals. We absorbed negative and positive ions on a daily basis, so best to clear the things that doesn’t serves you consistently. I cleanse my home twice a day, one in the morning before I begin my day and one in the evening before I go to bed with 417Hz. My practice consists of scanning through my body from head to toe to see where stale, stuck or negative energy may lie. I know and understand that the quality of conscious breathing has the ability to alchemise my thoughts, emotions and body sensations. Just as we can alkalise our water with antioxidants or citrus fruits, we can do the same with our energy! Simple breathing techniques like Alternate Nostril breathing, also known as Nadi Shodana, help to balance my sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system whilst listening to 417Hz. I’ll also add mantras like So Hum (I am that I am) after a few consistent cycles of alternate nostril breathing. On an inhale I’ll sing SO silently, on an exhale I’ll sing HUM silently whilst resting attention to the inhales and exhales to clear any mental, physical and emotional blockages. After my meditation or practice, I’ll smudge and cleanse myself from head to toe with Frankincense, Myrrh and Palo Santo." - Suraya Sam

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