Week 3 - 396Hz - Releasing Fear and Guilt

We are now onto the third week of our frequency-based syllabus at House of Ascend. Each week at HOA, we work with a different frequency that each serve a specific purpose in helping our healing, growth and expansion. At HOA, we use Solfeggio Frequencies, which is an ancient system of tuning used in sacred music and is believed to balance our energy and keep our mind, body and soul in harmony. We love the Solfeggio Frequencies for their ability to interact with our subtle energies and tune the dissonant frequencies in our physical bodies to their optimal state. We have just finished a week with 285Hz, a restorative frequency that helps to quickly regenerate tissues and facilitate healing. You can revisit 285Hz here.

This week (April 15th - 20th) brings us up the Solfeggio scale to 396Hz, which releases the body of fear, guilt, worry and anxiety. When we are holding on to such negative feelings, the body produces more of the stress hormone cortisol, which affects our sleep and general health. 396Hz is able to help us eradicate negative beliefs, unhelpful thoughts and poisonous constructs that are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. When these obstacles are purged, we may have a clearer path to self-realisation. This frequency also has the power to transmute grief into joy, provide renewed energy to achieving our goals, as well as boost our ability to find inner peace and balance. 

Ahead of this week’s practice, have a listen to 396Hz. Do remember to wear headphones for better sound quality! Enjoy!

While the sounds of 396Hz is beautifully soothing when played in the background, this frequency is best used with express intention. This week, HOA content creator Izzy (that's me!) shares her experience with 396Hz, and a helpful technique in using the frequency for mindful purging: 

"I think many of us (myself included) are guilty of indulging unhelpful emotions with music - for example, I would listen to melancholic music when I’m feeling down and I even went through a heavy metal/angry rock music phase during my “teenage angst” days. A lot of musicians capitalise on the emotions of their audience to sell records after all, and while it can be cathartic to listen to music that matches your mood once in a while, it does very little to tackle the root of the problem. With this in mind, I set out to use 396Hz for its intended purpose: to release negativity. But I knew that I would need to do the work myself instead of relying on the frequency to help me just by simply listening to it. With 396Hz playing in the background, I visualise a safe space (a sort of bubble or barrier around me) and then I bring forth the visions of fear, guilt and anxiety I carry within. I sit with these feelings for a while, and try to understand why they exist. Then, I imagine the bubble turning into flames and burning away these images - while simultaneously feeling fire underneath my ribcage and enjoying its warmth inside me. The fire element represents our passions and the drive to pursue our higher purpose without inhibition - and when used in meditation, is an awesome way to empower ourselves!" - Izzy Liyana

What would you like to release this week? Let 396Hz empower you through it. Book your mat here!