Week 2 - 285Hz - Body Rejuvenation

We have just wrapped up the first week of our themed syllabus at HOA, working on relieving pain and stress with 174Hz on the Solfeggio scale. Each week at HOA we will be working with a different Solfeggio frequency, with each one serving a different purpose in augmenting our continued pursuit of healing, growth and expansion. The Solfeggio frequency scale uses an ancient system of tuning that aligns us with rhythms and tones which form the basis of the Universe, as the pure intervals between every note are related by mathematical ratios. When you step into our shala, do remember to connect with the healing frequencies humming in our sacred space! 

If you missed the past week, you can check out our blog for a quick recap on 174Hz here.

This week (April 8th - 14th), we will be moving up the Solfeggio frequency scale and will be working with 285Hz. This frequency is said to be directly connected to the blueprint of our mind, body and soul, and can facilitate quick healing and tissue regeneration. We know that all forms of matter vibrate in different frequencies, and to heal with sound is to tune the dissonance in our bodies to an optimal frequency conducive for our natural regenerative abilities to occur. 285Hz is most useful for those with physical injuries or those seeking a rehabilitative practice, as this frequency is about remembering our original state, and restoring our energy fields. 

Sample a little bit of 285Hz. We recommend that you put on your headphones for better sound quality. Enjoy!

In facilitating healing for our community, House of Ascend seeks to create a safe space where we can authentically share our personal healing journey, to find empowerment in our vulnerability. This week, HOA content creator Izzy (that's me!) shares her experience with 285Hz: 

“I decided to be a little experimental with 285Hz and use it with the intention of possibly growing my hair faster. There is a whole bunch of youtube videos combining frequencies and subliminal affirmations that can supposedly expedite all sorts of miraculous things for you - such as rapid weight loss, or attracting abundance. While I was searching on the internet to find confirmation that this would be a plausible and worthwhile experiment to try, I came across biokinesis, which is a method for reprogramming our cells and DNA through the power of the subconscious mind. People of the internet have claimed to, for example, change their eye colour through biokinesis. If this is true, it’s truly amazing what the human mind can do with discipline and practice, and I’m grateful to 285Hz for reminding me of our innate power. I’m not sure if my hair did grow faster, but playing this frequency on loop while I sleep accidentally helped me to lucid dream, which is another great reminder of the true nature of my soul.” - Izzy Liyana

Come explore what 285Hz can do for you at House of Ascend. Book your mat here!