Week 1 - 174Hz - Pain and Stress relief

It’s a new beginning! We’re excited to finally start our new 9-week themed syllabus at House of Ascend. Each week, HOA’s practices and rituals will center around a different frequency, which each serve a different purpose, from releasing deep-seated issues to awakening our intuition, to facilitating our healing, growth and expansion. We know that all forms of matter vibrate in different frequencies, and to heal with sound is to merely tune the dissonance in our bodies to an optimal frequency necessary for a state of balance and relaxation. 

At HOA, we will be working with Solfeggio frequencies, which uses an ancient system of tuning known as “Just Intonation”. This method feature pure intervals between every note that are mathematically related by ratios of small whole numbers, resulting in a much purer sound. Essentially the Solfeggio frequencies align us with rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe! When you first step into our shala, take a moment to connect with the frequencies humming in our space. House of Ascend seeks always to raise your vibration by using sound as a sacred tool to realign your natural frequency. 

This week, we will be working with 174Hz, which relieves pain and stress. 174Hz is the lowest tone of the Solfeggio scale and it appears to be a natural anaesthetic. It removes pain not only physically but energetically, and it can also move karmic energy. Chronic pain and stress may manifest itself in the physical body through blockages that can be released with the 174Hz frequency. The frequency interacts with the physical body on a cellular level, working on areas where pain and stress are held. For more information on these areas, check out our blog on stress containers.

Before the week (April 1st - 7th) officially starts, sample a little bit of 174Hz. We recommend that you put on your headphones for better sound quality. Enjoy!

In facilitating healing for our community, House of Ascend seeks to create a safe space where we can fully be ourselves. We believe that by sharing our stories, we come to terms with our own journey and we shall be empowered in our vulnerability. We hope to inspire others to do the same! Every week, one of us at HOA will share our experiences with how a particular frequency has been helpful in addressing the current theme. This week, HOA content creator Izzy (that’s me!) will share how 174Hz has been a great tool for relieving pain and stress: 

“I’m quite accident prone, so I get to deal with pain quite a bit. In fact, that’s why I picked up Reiki, to be able to self-heal and better manage my injuries. However, to efficiently use Reiki requires some skill in quietening the mind, and that’s quite challenging when faced with an open wound or the sight of blood, or simply with feeling intense pain. Before I knew about 174Hz, I would struggle to focus attention on my breath when dealing with stress or pain. But after I discovered this incredible frequency, I found that my mind can easily focus on the relaxing sounds of 174Hz, instead of fixating on my internal screaming. I have a theory that pain is made worse by our own panic, so by calming the mind down, the rest of the body follows. Plus, 174Hz is very effective in helping me fall asleep, and sleep is essential for the body to recuperate!” - Izzy Liyana

Come experience the soothing tones of 174Hz this week at House of Ascend. Book your mat this week!