10hr Crystal Singing Bowl Weekend Intensive

HOA welcomes back Alex Young of Crystal Tones for another weekend intensive on sound healing with crystal bowls, on October 26th & 27th. 

Come experience crystal singing bowls carefully hand selected by Alex for your journey into the crystalline sound current. Alex has worked alongside Crystal Tones in designing the alchemy blends of gemstones and precious metals for the bowls, with pure intentions. He is ecstatic to share some of these new, one of a kind masterpieces at HOA for the two-day weekend intensive!

In this weekend intensive, you will learn about  gemstones, as well as precious metals and their effects on the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will gain in-depth knowledge on sound and vibration, composition and musicality, and how these elements come together as a means for healing. Alex will lead you through various exercises to tap into different energy centers, allowing you to truly connect with your own personal power. He will guide you on how to incorporate your own voice in creating harmonious melodies with the crystal singing bowls. We caught up with Alex again before the upcoming weekend intensive to get a glimpse of what to expect: 

Hi again Alex! We’re happy to have you back at HOA for another intensive. As a teacher, you’re also often the student. What did you discover during your time here leading the intensive for our Ascend community? What was your first workshop with us like? 

First workshop went well for me actually, I always love to share the magic of these innovative tools. I discovered a really beautiful energy with everyone that showed up. Each person had the opportunity to share their intentions with the group as a whole and that was really moving and helped ground the energy. The experience of playing a crystal bowl circle was such a joy for me to see and feel. I felt like it was a highlight for the group and showed the power of having a full scale set in your practice. Traveling with the bowls and crystal tools is sometimes difficult for me but in the end was so worth the risk and opportunity to experiment with such a wonderful sound current. The Ascend community was very warm and welcoming felt like a place of sanctuary, with a home away from home vibe. 

This upcoming weekend intensive will also see you sharing about the gemstones and metals you work with to create your bowls. Can you tell us a little bit about what we will be learning at the session? 

Diving into the rare crystals, gems and precious metal world, we will look at how each has a electromagnetic field from its elemental frequency and how these effect our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will also be working with affirmations to meditate on when working with the energies. We will be learning a lot of material in this intensive, from music theory to binaural beats and brainwaves, how the frequencies of the bowls effects our bio-rhythms, singing and toning with the bowls, and also different chord structures.

How will this intensive be similar or different to the previous ones you’ve had with us? 

The difference in this upcoming weekend intensive than the last one is that we will be working with a completely different set of alchemy infusions and bowl tunings. As all the bowls are handmade one at a time, the sound of every bowl changes each time.

And finally what do you hope to experience when you arrive next month?


What will be channeled for the group consciousness, for individual growth and healing, will be very unique once we are all there at HOA. My hope is that students and myself walk away with more knowledge about the bowls and tools to expand their understanding of how to use them in their meditation practice. 

Thank you Alex!

If you are being called to work with sound in new ways by awakening your own unique frequency, this rich intensive workshop is for you. Beneficial for anyone interested in personal growth, anyone in the healing field or anyone interested in getting started in sound healing as a career. The 10hr Crystal Singing Bowl Weekend Intensive runs for 5 hours per day. Book your spots HERE