10-hour Awakening Your Inner Teacher Intensive

House of Ascend is pleased to launch "Awakening Your Inner Teacher", a 10-hour virtual meditation weekend intensive under the guidance of our co-creator, Suraya Sam on June 20th - 21st. 

At HOA, we advocate meditation to bring about harmony in the body, peace of mind, and connection with the Divine. A meditation practice requires a lot of time, discipline and patience, but it is ultimately rewarding in the long run. Here are just some of the benefits of a regular meditation practice: 

  • Blocks stress hormones 

  • Promotes relaxation 

  • Releases endorphins 

  • Regulates heart rate 

  • Increases immune functions 

  • Lowers blood pressure 

  • Suppresses negative thoughts 

  • Eases fear and anxiety 

Regardless of your past experience, merely showing up for yourself is an important step towards understanding your inner landscape - a vital practice in an increasingly disconnected world. HOA invites you to take this step with our weekend intensive. 

Spanning ten hours over two days, Awakening Your Inner Teacher invites you to cultivate a mindful practice as you seek to connect with your inner teacher. You will learn breath-work as a foundation to your meditation practice, to help you release attachment to mental clutter and ground into the present moment. We will also work with suitable meditation postures that will most benefit each participant, regardless if you have never meditated before, or if you already have years of practice. You will learn about different mantras to support mental clarity and discover how simple mudras can enhance your meditation experience through the regulation of energy throughout your physical body. Finally, you will gain deeper insight into the koshas, vayus, chakra system, and learn its role in establishing greater harmony in the body, mind and spirit. 

Starting June 20th - 21st, join us for Awakening Your Inner Teacher on our virtual platform from the comfort of your own home. So make yourself comfortable and allow yourself to take a look within. 


* Upon conclusion, participants will receive a 10-hour Awakening Your Inner Teacher Intensive yoga alliance continuing education certificate of completion.


Suraya Sam (Sue for short), co-creator of House of Ascend is a certified yoga, aroma, gong - practitioner, guide, teacher and facilitator with over 10 years of experience.  She is a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider with more than 22,000 registered hours. Her teaching ranges from Ashtanga, Bhakti, Power, Aroma, Chakra, Nidra, Restorative, Gong, Pre-natal, Postpartum and Strala yoga to help guide one to understand the sacred science of yoga. She believes in the ability to heal oneself through the power of the mind, body and breath connection. This knowledge was passed down to her from generations of holistic practitioners in her family. Her self-realisation came in her early teens, guided by her mother who practices Sufism and Inca Mythology in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Over the years, her inspiration draws from her fellow mentors - Amber Sawyer of HOM Yoga, Anodea Judith of Sacred Centers, Mehtab & Laura Benton of Yogi Mehtab, Martha Collard of Red Doors, Ed Dailey of Young Living, Alex Young of Crystal Tones, Tara Stiles of Strala Yoga, and Chaitanya Nitai Das of Inbound School of Yoga, now Bhakti Yoga School.