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Our Shala is designed to stimulate your senses and ground you in the present moment. Surrender in the comfort of our space, immerse yourself in the calming sounds of our instruments and rejuvenate with our Peruvian Cacao Husk Tea.

All in-person sessions are bespoke and by appointment only allowing us to curate a tailor-made journey and experience to make it unique and fulfilling. We can only accommodate in-person sessions for up to five people. *Our sessions are private. For group bookings, you'll have to bring your circle of family/friends. 

Our online Yoga classes are on-demand and focus on restorative and mindful movement. The foundation is suitable for all levels with the option for you to increase both intensity and complexity to match your level of practice.

Find a summary of our sessions below and feel free to write in to learn more.

GONG MEDITATION is a practice beneficial for the body and mind where you are treated to aromatherapy, guided through basic breath exercises and then are able to choose between meditating sitting up or lying down while the gong is being played. The sound from the gong realigns the body to its natural frequency, and eases you into deep relaxation. *This is a journey, so bring along an eye-mask or eye-pillow.

GONG YIN is a slow and functional approach to yoga that stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas. It also helps you to regulate the body's flow of energy. The gong is played in such a way that pressure can be applied and released on the physical body through sound, much similar to the progressive muscle relaxation technique.

VIBRATIONAL RITUAL CEREMONY is a cohesive bespoke experience that includes a fire ceremony, breath exercise, aromatherapy, guided & sound meditation. This practice opens and alchemise the layers of Being. You'll go home with a week supply of Pachamama's (Mother Nature in Quechua) gift wrapped in Banana Leaf of vibrational ritual bath recipe as a cleansing ceremony prescribed by our co-creator, Suraya Sam.

To find out more about your facilitator, click here. Below find a selection of articles from our Library with a focus on our offerings.