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søn. 07. juli


House of Ascend

Gong Yin: Stretch & Release

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Gong Yin: Stretch & Release
Gong Yin: Stretch & Release

Tid og sted

07. juli 2024, 15:00 – 16:15 CEST

House of Ascend, Lyseklostervegen 515, 5215 Lysekloster, Norway

Om arrangementet

Our Gong Yin practice at House of Ascend is targeted specifically at individuals needing to release stress. Meditation has been shown in numerous studies to rebuild, support, and strengthen our nervous system by training our breathing. 

Research has shown that meditation can increase the length of telomeres in the body, which are linked to optimal health and longevity. Meanwhile, the restorative deep stretching incorporated in our Yin practice helps release blockages, tension, pain and rigidity in our fascia and connective tissues, to maintain free flowing movement of energy in our body. A classic relaxation technique in therapy and yoga is progressive muscle relaxation, in which areas of the body are first contracted and then relaxed in order to create an awareness of the residual tension and stress that may be hidden in the body. 

During Gong Yin, the gong works through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to create deep relaxation through playing sequences that are termed build and release cycles. In other words, the gong is played in such a way that pressure can be applied and released on the physical body through sound, much similar to the progressive muscle relaxation technique. The gong goes beyond dealing with simple muscular tension - which is symptomatic and not causative of stress - and addresses the root cause of stress by rebalancing the nervous system!

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