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ons. 03. apr.


Google Meet

Feminine Womb Space Mentorship


Tid og sted

03. apr. 2024, 13:00 CEST – 29. mai 2024, 14:15 CEST

Google Meet

Om arrangementet

Note: This container has already started on April 3rd and if you decide to sign up now you'll receive the past few weeks of workbooks which include our live session recordings, meditations and journaling prompts for practice and integration.

Journeying through the 'Feminine Womb Space' are portals that take you deep into the realms of your Feminine essence, supporting you to heal and release deep wounding and blockages from your Yoni and Womb space so that you expand into your fullest creative and divine Feminine potential through Womb Nidra & Breathwork.

  • Gate 1: The Maiden
  • Gate 2: The Mother
  • Gate 3: The Crone
  • Gate 4: Earth
  • Gate 5: Fire
  • Gate 6: Air
  • Gate 7: Water
  • Gate 8: Cosmic Womb


We begin on April 3rd and end May 29th. We will meet 9x for 75 minutes weekly (Wednesdays) via Google Meet. Kindly take note that our sessions can go overtime, please prepare an extra 30 minutes for each call.

Sessions will be recorded and you'll receive weekly workbook for rituals, meditation, journaling prompts for practice and integration. The Feminine Womb Space is a 9-week mentorship and is open to a maximum of 8 women.

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