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man. 10. juni


The Alexcier - Level 07-12, Groundbox

A Sound Ceremony on Duality & Polarity


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10. juni 2024, 18:30 – 21:30 GMT+8

The Alexcier - Level 07-12, Groundbox, 237 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159929

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The Nature of Duality

Duality refers to the state of being divided into two parts, often contrasting or opposing in nature. It is the concept of two opposing forces existing simultaneously, yet being interconnected and interdependent. This idea can be seen in various aspects of our lives, from the physical to the metaphysical.

In the physical realm, we observe duality in the form of day and night, hot and cold, and male and female. These opposing forces coexist and create a harmonious balance in the world. Without darkness, we would not appreciate light. Without heat, we would not understand cold. Without the union of masculine and feminine energies, creation would not be possible.

In the metaphysical realm, duality manifests in the form of good and evil, love and hate, and joy and sorrow. These opposing emotions and moral concepts shape our understanding of the world and help us navigate through life‘s challenges. It is through experiencing both sides of the spectrum that we gain wisdom and develop a deeper sense of empathy and compassion.

The Dance of Polarity

Polarity is closely related to duality, but it encompasses a broader spectrum of contrasting forces. While duality focuses on two opposing aspects, polarity refers to the entire range of opposites. It is the dance between these polarities that gives rise to the richness and diversity of life.

Just like a magnet has a positive and negative pole, every aspect of our existence has its opposite. We experience pleasure and pain, success and failure, growth and stagnation. These polarities are not inherently good or bad; they simply exist as different expressions of the same underlying energy.

Embracing polarity means accepting that life is a constant ebb and flow, a continuous dance between opposing forces. It teaches us to appreciate the beauty of contrast and find meaning in both the highs and lows of our journey.

This is your invitation to embrace both duality and polarity so you'll develop a more holistic worldview, understanding that opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent.

This ceremonial experiences aims to help you find balance, appreciate contrast, and navigate life’s challenges with wisdom through somatic movements, breathwork and sound therapy. A light vegetarian meal will be served for integration.


  • Duality & Polarity Ceremony

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