Achieving Equilibrium Meditation Circle

The inhalations and exhalations are connected to a vast inner system of Energy, a latticework of activities all woven around the central hub of the BREATH. According to the yoga tradition this far-reaching system of Vital Energy contains FIVE major functions, called The Pancha Prana-Vayus (the term vayu means “wind, breath, or life-force”). Each function has a distinct role, and each is integrated into the total system of the human energy. You'll get to understand and experience the role of each Pancha Prana-Vayu through active Meditation and Pranayama.


So join Suraya Sam February 3rd - March 3rd, Thursdays at 12:00pm cet on Balancing the Vayus to achieve equilibrium today!.

To enjoy the best experience, we recommend to gather items prior to our circle:

  • Find a quiet place within your home to set up your sacred space and burn some incense or candle.

  • Work with your favourite essential oils, massage oils or crystals to enhance your meditation.

  • Boil this amazing Plant Medicine tea by Anima Mundi for our meditation.

We highly recommend to fast from alcohol 2 days prior to our circle.