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Hi There! Welcome to HOA!


Before you ascend your journey to the SELF at our humble cozy Shala, please read the following important statement carefully.


Our guides and facilitators are trained and certified to exercise precautions during session so that you can practice in a safe and supportive environment.  


You are invited to approach your practice enthusiastically, however you are ultimately responsible for your own personal health and safety. It is important that you take good care of yourself when determining your own ability to do the postures offered in session and not to aggravate any existing injuries.


Always inform the guides/facilitators of any injuries or medical conditions you might have or if you are pregnant or had any recent surgeries. In the event that we have a substitute guide/facilitator, it is your responsibility to notify the teachers of the aforementioned conditions.


If you have any doubt whether any of the sessions at House of Ascend, HOA are suitable for you or if you have any particular injury or condition, please consult your doctor before beginning your practice. All personal information collected is confidential and will not be shared.


House of Ascend, HOA and our staff are not liable for any mishaps, injuries or loss of life that may occur in the course of, or as the result of, participating in any activity offered by House of Ascend, HOA. House of Ascend, HOA also reserves the right with absolute discretion, to refuse entry and or participation in any session.   


By clicking on the button "I Agree" below means that you have read the above and agree to indemnify House of Ascend, HOA and our staff against any actions, proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages and expenses by any party howsoever arising out of or in connection with the above said activities.​



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