Sound Journey

Gong Therapy offers a psycho-acoustic gateway to altered states of awareness and consciousness (alpha to theta). It is an everyday retreat that strengthens your mind, boosts your mood, relieves stress and helps you find equilibrium.


Women's Circle

Just like the moon, our menstrual cycles have their own phases which we can utilise to our advantage. Join our co-creator Suraya Sam as she shares with you a 4-week journey on The Phases of our Menstrual Cycles & The Moon.

Upcoming Workshop

A 3-day introductory workshop: Sound IS Medicine Journey for practitioners to learn how to create sacred rituals, integrate the vibrations of one’s voice and therapeutic musical instrument like the Gong to stimulate vibrational therapy for one’s Mind, Body, and Spirit guided by HOA co-creator Suraya Sam.


Bespoke Programs

Let us know your "sankalpa", intention so we can curate a personalised program for you or your group packed with weekly practices, rituals, journaling and more.


Eg. Breathwork Workshop, Mindfulness Retreat or Sound Journey/Ceremony