Awakening Your Inner Teacher

House of Ascend presents "Awakening Your Inner Teacher", a 20-hour intensive program spanning 5-weeks on creating a well-balanced meditation practice, under the guidance of our co-creator, Suraya Sam. This meditation intensive guides YOU to bring about harmony in the Body, peace of Mind, and deeper connection with the layers of Self. To cultivate this sacred practice by Suraya, which was born through her devoted research, work and practice - requires a lot of time, discipline and patience.


"The goal of birthing this meditation intensive program is ultimately to guide YOU to Trust and Listen to the whispers of YOUR innate Self and embody the elemental beauty of life unfolding it's Essence in synchronicity through the power of Ritual practices." - Suraya Sam

You will learn:

  • ​Module One: How and What are the tools to create your sacred space
    Aromatherapy, Sacred Smoke, Crystals and Resonance to bring all the elements of nature's beauty and qualities back in the mind, body and spirit into balance.

  • Module Two: Understanding the practices of Breath and Body connection for self-healing
    Pranayama, Postures and Acupressure Points, a foundation to one's meditation practice, to help one release attachment to mental clutter, physical pain and ground into the present moment.

  • Module Three: Opening the gateway of the Self through the Five primal energies
    Master the  movements of energy within the body to open the gateway of the Self insuring radiant health and well-being. 

  • Module Four: Attuning and Aligning the vortices of the endocrine system
    Explore a deeper connection and interaction of bio-energetic activity with the physical body through the endocrine and nervous system. 

  • Module Five: Understanding the powerful practices of Sound through your Voice
    Chanting Sanskrit and Gurmukhi Mantras to invoke the positive power contained in those particular syllables establishing greater harmony in the body, mind and spirit.

What is included:

  • Weekly 3-hour masterclasses, discussions and Q+As, sacred circling, reflecting, sharing and witnessing​. A total of 5 masterclasses, over 5 weeks - Saturdays, 10:00am - 1:00pm cest.

  • Weekly printed and digital copy of Modules and Rituals guidebook to practice on each related topics to nourish the Mind, Body & Spirit.

  • Weekly collective connection and support with the HOA community participating in the container.

  • Ritual tools worth NOK444 of goodies to all participants.

  • Bespoke One-on-One Gong Therapy experience with Suraya Sam worth NOK1111.

  • 10% off on future/upcoming Workshops, Programs and Retreats hosted by HOA.

Kindly take note that in any event you can't make it to any of the weekly masterclasses on Saturday, they will be recorded and shared inside the container. Upon conclusion, participants will also receive a House of Ascend x Yoga Alliance continuing education certificate of completion for 20 hours. 

Regardless of your past experience, merely showing up for yourself is an important step towards understanding your inner landscape - a vital practice in an increasingly disconnected world. We invite you to take this step with our 5-week meditation intensive program. 


Learn more about your mentor or schedule a call with her should you need clarity.


"What a 5-week journey! It was a great learning experience because of the lows and highs experienced personally throughout the weeks - and it was perfect timing to have access to a supportive community and the tools to deal with the changes. As always, the experience designed by Sue in terms of the flow of information, touchpoint moments to reflect and cleansing essentials were spot on to ensure we had space to learn and trust. I'd recommend this intensive teaching to anyone looking to rediscover yourself and learn more at the same time." - Pixie

"Sue pours her heart and soul into this program, sharing from her experience and the “behind the scenes” of how she curates her own practice and mediation practices for others. The content is rich and dense, yet nicely spread out across 5-weeks to allow, absorb the concepts and build your own practice one building block at a time. I enjoyed the community of practice with the other participants, and the use of technology through the Wix app to stay in touch between sessions (and even post program!), sharing our experiences and ask questions. It’s the second time I take this training and I sincerely appreciate how it’s evolved over the past 1.5 years! Thank you Sue for your generosity <3" - Laura

"Each individual sessions were very different for me. Sometime I can feel my muscles twitching, other times I don't feel my body at all. Sometime I can stay still throughout, other times I would need to move around. Many times emotion could stirred up, but it all leads to calmness and lightness. I find myself at peace and well rested after each individual sessions. Once I attended the session with aches and tightness in my right lower back, and I was rather uncomfortable when we had to mediate sitting up. However, when I channel my awareness onto my breath counts, it takes my mind away from the pain and discomfort that I am experiencing. As we progress further into the mediation, I also realised how easy it is to send loving kindness to the people I love, but it was extremely difficult for me to speak kindness to myself. It made me realised that I have been blaming myself for not able to achieve certain goals, most the the stress that I am facing in life was due to self-expectation instead. With the stress accumulating, it was one of the most liberating experiences that I ever had, and I feel so much as ease thereafter." - Jun

"Thank you so much for teaching and facilitating my discovery of meditation… I felt like I took away a lot from the intensive! That divinity resides within me and everyone else gave me a whole new frame of seeing myself and the world. I feel more confident yet grounded at the same time. This has given me reason to really build meditation into my daily practice – which is exactly what I joined the intensive for." - Melanie

"Gosh, I want to write ‘thank you’, but that doesn’t seem to capture how big the thank you is... this weekend was amazing, relaxing, challenging, transformative, transcending, miraculous and I will forever be grateful. I am not the same person I was on Friday, only 3 days ago. My mind is clearer, I feel calm and creative..." - Katie

"Thank you so much for an enlightening, informative and most importantly, enjoyable weekend. Very special of you to share all that you've learnt and embodied over your lifetime and that which has been passed down from your ancestors. To honour this knowledge is important and makes for a better world." - Hilda

"I undertook the 'Awakening Your Inner Teacher' program for the purpose of an immersion, exploring and expanding my knowledge and experience of meditation practices. Suraya was an amazing teacher, and the course covered a lot of material, with theory and practical exercises woven throughout. I adopted a lot of new techniques through this course, and the resources provided were exceptional." - Claire

"Awakening Your Inner Teacher intensive is a great program to dive just deep enough to understand the elements of meditation, practice and incorporate them in a daily practice. I'm looking forward to developing what I learned along this journey." - Rebecca


"This course literally awaken the inner teacher in me. From this course, I learn to tap into the inner wisdom that I already have through meditation. Many of the methods and teachings from Sue are simple, yet profound and powerful. This is a lifetime skill that EVERYONE should acquire. BIG THANK YOU SUE!" - Meerly

"Sue is super detailed and knowledgeable on breath work. From methods and mantras to encouraging you to use aromatherapy and experimental methods of postures whilst you meditate. The experience is yours. It was a great course that will help facilitate my personal meditation for years to come, but furnished me with how to support others in their meditation too. Thank you!?" - Annie

"I have wanted to explore more about meditation and the many aspects involved for a while, this course was exactly what I hoped it would be. Suraya has so much experience and knowledge to share. I really enjoyed the information on Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas. The homework exercises are enjoyable and I’m looking forward to incorporating everything I have learned on the course into my practice and to use these insights to assist others in their journey." - Rebecca

"I recommend that you commit fully to this intensive if you choose to do it. The content is broad, insightful and detailed, the guided meditations are some of the most beautiful I have experienced. At the end of ten hours I was excited and slightly overwhelmed: I had so much new knowledge I didn't know where to start. I have taken my simple practice and dived deep beneath the surface to understand some of its inner workings and theory. It's given me the confidence to grow further and guide others, to the point where I have been doing guided meditations for groups of up to 100 in the workplace. This intensive really is a gift to yourself: make the time, you deserve it." - James

"The topics that I find most relevant and interesting are firstly, the incorporation of essential oils to the practice and understanding the effect of aromas to emotions and therefore in enhancing the practice. I love essential oils and it was great to see how I could do this and understand the ‘why’ as well. Secondly, the knowledge on chakras and energies related to it with key things related postures particularly the why and how on keeping the spine straight. The guidebook is great as a reference document and it’s segmented topically into each element. Lastly, the guide’s (Suraya's) deep experience and passion as well as strong articulation in this subject/area was also a key takeaway." - Anushkar

"Suraya is a trusted gatekeeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge. She shares this knowledge openly and willingly in an incredible accessible, easy-to-understand way. She is humble, full of integrity and embodies all that she teaches. She lives her life according to her own Inner Teacher, the source of all. Awakening Your Inner Teacher is a course that provides a key to unlocking your own innate wisdom, your intuition, enabling you to find the true North Star for your life. Through incorporating revered Vedic knowledge about the Vayus, Koshas, Chakras and Mantras – students discover how to work with the physical body, emotional body and tap deeper into their spiritual layers. We have everything we need inside us. We always have. This course teaches us how to slow down, carve out time and space to hear it. In turn, we discover how to holistically honour ourselves and access this sacred wisdom – our inner teacher – who was there all along. Sat nam!" - Christina